June 15, 2020 – Today a jury rejected Harey Israel’s effort to obtain more from Aaron Israel’s estate than his father had provided for him. The jury verdict today was the second verdict in Diane Israel’s favor. The first was rendered in November 2017, but was reversed (and remanded for a second trial) by the Illinois Appellate Court with direction to admit certain evidence that had been excluded at the first trial.

In the second trial, the “missing” evidence was admitted, but the outcome was unchanged and the jury once again determined that Diane Israel had not engaged in any undue influence in connection with Aaron Israel’s estate. In a statement, Daniel Lynch, Diane Israel’s counsel stated:

“Once again, a jury determined to respect Aaron Israel’s wishes and rejected the allegations of undue influence. The evidence in the case is clear: Aaron made his own decisions without the input of his children. We hope that this is the last time that a jury has to review the evidence.”

Diane Israel “expressed her gratitude” with the jury’s careful deliberation of the evidence and …

“hopes that Harey Israel can finally accept the plan that Aaron Israel had for him.”

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